Caterina Calafat


Telèfon 971 259537 (9537)  

Dr Caterina Calafat is a lecturer in French Literature and Culture, as well as LiterarTranslation, at the UIB. She holds an MA (Hons) in Catalan (Hispanic) Philology from the UIB and another in Translation and Interpreting (in French and German) from the UAB(Barcelona). Her PhD thesis (2001 UIB Doctoral Excellence Award) analyses the expression of time and place in German and French from a cognitive approach. She also works as a conference interpreter and translator (she was one of two convenors of the UIBMaster‘s in Literary Translation [2008-2010]), having translated George Sand’s memoirs. She collaborates with research teams on Language Acquisition and Learning, in addition to Comparative Literature, participating in several international projects. Her researchs abbaticals overseas include periods at the Université de Corti (France) 2005-2006; the Université de Montréal (Canada) 2010; the Lessius Hogeschool of Antwerp (Belgium) 2010; The Graduate Center (CUNY. City University of New York) 2012, Queen Mary University of London (England) 2012; University of Saint Andrews (Scotland) 2016. Her research fields include the use of ITC in FLT, Literary Translation and Cultural Transfer, together with Comparative Studies, notably contact between the Anglophone and Francophone spheres.